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Common Dyeing Equipment Processes and New Dyeing Techniques – Part 1

Common Dyeing Equipment Processes and New Dyeing Techniques – Part 1

Section 1 Common Dyeing Equipment – Part 1

Basket type loose fiber dyeing machine


1. Dyeing tank 2. Hanging basket 3. Dyeing material 4. Electric motor and pump 5. Steam pipe

6-Syringe 7-Dye liquid delivery pipe 8-Discharge valve

The loose fibers are packed in the hanging basket, and the dyeing solution is sprayed out through a porous tube through a circulation pump. It is transported from the storage tank to the central tube of the hanging basket and flows out. Through the fibers and the outer wall of the hanging basket, it returns to the central tube to form a dyeing solution circulation for dyeing. After dyeing is completed, discharge the residual dyeing solution and wash it with clean water.

Rotating paddle type loose fiber dyeing machine


1. Porous pipe 2. False bottom 3. Sleeve

4-Porous tube 5-Container 6-Rotating paddle

Wool top ball dyeing machine


1. Dyeing tank 2. Hair ball support tube 3. Dyeing material (wool top ball) 4. Electric motor

5-Steam pipe 6-Syringe 7-Dyeing solution delivery pipe 8-Discharge valve


1. The loose fiber dyeing machine has the best dyeing effect on wool, followed by viscose fibers. Wool top ball dyeing machines are generally only used for dyeing wool. When dyeing polyester loose fibers, a high-temperature and high-pressure loose fiber dyeing machine should be used.

2. The dyes suitable for loose fiber dyeing machines are generally dyes that are easy to control dyeing conditions and can be dyed in large bath ratios.

3. There are few specialized machines for the scouring and bleaching treatment of loose fibers, so loose fiber dyeing machines can also be used for fiber pretreatment.

Bobbin dyeing machine


1. Dyeing tank 2. Tube rack 3. Sampling device during dyeing 4. Four way valve

5-Circulating pump 6-Expansion bucket 7-Feeding tank 8-Compressed air

9- Auxiliary bucket 10- Water inlet pipe 11- Condensed water 12- Steam 13- Air release valve

Processing characteristics: The advantages of the tube yarn dyeing machine are large dyeing processing capacity and small bath ratio, but the tube yarn dyeing is not easy to be uniform during the dyeing process.

AT291B Lab Bobbin Yarn Dyeing Machine is mainly used to carry out the dyeing, scouring, blenching and washing of loose cotton, wool or chemical fiber and relative bobbin yarn. It is also suitable to dye fabric of small-lot. Click here to learn more.

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