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Our Atlas pledge to provide its customers with the most comprehensive technical support. This cross-discipline team includes textile technologists, hardware and software engineers, mechanical and instrumentation engineers, test and calibration experts and installation and maintenance technicians. TecNet support is available on many levels. Our extensive ISO 17025 accreditation through UKAS covers a broad range of instruments as well as territory. We have ISO 17025 accredited TecNet engineers based in the US, UK, Hong Kong, and several places in China. Our working laboratory, conditioned to international standards for temperature and relative humidity, welcomes customers for pre-sale product demonstrations and sample testing. We train customer technicians at our facilities and at their sites. Installation, commissioning and after-sale service and calibration are all a part of our complete customer care program.We invite you to contact our TecNet team through any of our offices and discover how they provide solutions to your textile testing problems.


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