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Name Introduction Size Download
ISO-60-2023 Plastics — Determination of apparent density of material AT303 Apparent Density Tester is used to measure apparent density, bulk factor of plastic materials 637KB Download
EN_60811_405_EN.pdf. Congo Red Thermal Stability Tester from Anytester 795KB Download
ISO_6259_3_1997_EN_FR.pdf.pdf ISO_6259_3_1997 44KB Download
ISO 7991-1987 Glass — Determination of coefficient of mean linear thermal expansion.pdf HY8120 Linear Thermal Expansion Tester from Anytester is the ideal machine to run this test. 5.91MB Download
ISO 10545-8-2014.pdf 2.72MB Download
ASTM D3895-2002-1 Plastic Tester Standards 2.99MB Download
ASTM D5397 Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Stress Crack Resistance …… AT415A Notched Constant Tensile Load Tester comply with ASTM D5397 102KB Download