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How to choose plastic pipe Testing Machine

Plastic pipe testing machine is widely used in many plastic production factory. Now the plastic pipe testing machine is simple and easy to operate, it can improve the work efficient and production quality. Today we will introduce which tester will be used in plastic pipe testing.

Plastic pipe testing including material testing and production test. Firstly I would like to recommend you 4 most important machine, they are AT422 universal strength tester, AT430 melt flow point tester, AT421D/AT422D impact tester and AT432 HDT/Vicat Tester. To most labs, these four machine must be purchased because these four test items is the key factor which will influence the pipe quality. And in some country they are mandatory testing project by the government if you want to sell your plastic pipe. There are also some other testing items, such as density, carbon black content and Viscosity etc.

Secondly is plastic pipe test. Even you adopt high quality material to produce pipe, its certificate that your plastic pipe is high quality. To show to your customer that your pipe is better than the other supplier’s pipe, you can show them your test report. To plastic pipe testing, there are also some important testing machine, for example AT463 pipe falling weight tester, AT471 hydrostatic pressure tester, AT473 thermal cycling tester, AT474 water hammer tester, AT422 ring stiffness tester and AT472 RCP Tester etc. But it not that all lab need buy all these machine, you can select according to your request, such as if your pipe is used to transfer natural gas, then you can buy AT472 RCP tester, it’s used to determine the arrest or propagation of a crack initiated in a thermoplastics pipe at a specified temperature and internal pressure. If your pipe is used in to deliver water, then AT472 and AT471 is needed.

We only list part of the testers that should be used in plastic pipe, if you want to learn more, then you visit our website:


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