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How to clean and maintain lab spinning machine?

A spinning machine is a machine that forms a fiber-forming polymer solution or melt into a filament. According to different fiber spinning methods, spinning machines are divided into three types: wet spinning machines, melt spinning machines, and dry spinning machines.


Wet spinning machine

Suitable for spinning viscose, acrylic, vinylon, etc. The main feature is that the polymer solution is extruded from the spinneret hole and solidified into primary fibers in the coagulation bath. The spinning speed is low, often below 100 m/min, and the high-speed spinning speed can reach about 200 m/min. Wet spinning machine is divided into short fiber and long fiber.


Bench Top-Wet spinning machine

Bench Top-Wet spinning machine



Melt spinning machine

Spinning equipment for polyester, nylon and polypropylene, etc. The characteristic is that the melt trickle is solidified into fibers when it encounters cold air, and the cold air is blown to the trickle evenly after passing through the high-efficiency filter, regulating valve and diversion device. The spinning speed is relatively high, generally 600 to 1500 m/min. There are also two types of melt spinning machines.


Fiber Melt Spinning Machine

Fiber Melt Spinning Machine


Dry spinning machine

Filament production for acrylic and vinylon. The spinning dope enters the silo from the infusion tube through the filter, metering pump and spinneret. The formed thin stream encounters hot air in the silo, the solvent volatilizes, and the high polymer in the thin stream is solidified into fiber, and then the tow is wound into a certain amount. of rolls. The dry spinning speed is generally 200 to 800 m/min. In order to meet the needs of special spinning process, dry and wet spinning machines appeared in the 1970s.



What problems will occur if the laboratory spinning machine is not cleaned for a long time?

After the equipment is used for a long time, it is easy to cause the problem of loose sealing, which will leak air, affect the spinning pressure, and then affect the spinning quality. At this time, the sealing gasket needs to be replaced. The sealing gasket has two specifications, one is copper gasket and the other is graphene gasket. In addition, after long-term use, the filter plate is easy to be blocked, resulting in no silk, and only the filter plate needs to be replaced at this time.


How to clean the laboratory spinning machine?

Cleaning after the experiment includes cleaning the barrel and the spinneret box. There will be residual substances in the barrel during the experiment. If the material for the next test is different, it needs to be cleaned up and can be calcined in a high-temperature furnace.


Laboratory Compact Spinning Machine

Laboratory  Compact Spinning Machine


The calcination temperature is about 300~400 degrees, depending on the material, the temperature is different. The cleaning of the spinneret box is mainly to clean up the residual material to prevent clogging of the spinneret, worry plate, etc. The cleaning method is also calcination in a high temperature furnace.


What are the suggestions for the maintenance of the machine after use?

After the test, check the power failure, cut off the pressure supply, and discharge the residual gas only if the pressure gauge shows a force value of 0, and the spinneret assembly box of the barrel should be cleaned in time.


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