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Introduction to shuttle loom and Shuttleless Loom

1.Shuttle loom

For this loom, it is using the sheet yarn holder to pass the weft yarn through the shuttle mouth, and the sheet yarn holder is called sheet holder.With this loom, we have a good controlling on the weft yarn, there is very few glitches, and it has high performance at leading out weft yarn. After the weft yarn goes into the shuttle mouth, we can adjust the yarn tension precisely.


Features for Shuttle Loom is as following

1. Due to the good performance at the weft yarn holding, this machine can suit for many kinds of yarn. But if the strength of the weft yarn is very weak, then maybe this machine is not suitable.

2. 2~6 colors of weft yarn changeable, and the weft yarn mixing ratio could be fixed,

3. The weaving width range is very wide, suit for many requesting from different fabric.

4. Could cooperate with multi dobby opening machine or jacquard opening machine, then they can produce some high valuable fabric.

2. Rapier Sample Loom

When the Rapier moving back and forth, it’s fork can pass the weft yarn into the shed of the shuttleless loom. This loom can prevent the the untwist of weft yarn and fabric cringe, and most rapier head of this loom have a wide using range, suit for yarn with different material, different thickness, different cross-sectional shape, normally there is no need to change the rapier head.


It has these following features:

1. Suit for yarn made from nature fiber and manmade filament

2. with max 16 colors of yarn for selection

3. passing through the weft yarn precisely, 

4.could produce high quality fabric

3. Air-Jet Loom

It is using jet stream to pass the weft yarn into the shed of shuttleless loom, could weave the fabric from thin to very thick, with 4~6 colors of weft yarn selectable. Normally it is suitable for short fiber and filament.


Features as following:

1. Especially suit for weaving very thin fabric, with significant  advantage at high density &single color fabric producing

2. With this machine, you will receive high production, good quality, low cost, it’s very suitable for the single color fabric producing, economic benefits are very considerable.

3. Due to the weft yarn leading is passive, for some weft yarn , the leading air couldn’t control them well.

4. Water Jet loom

It is using the one-way flow jet water to pass the weft yarn into the shed of the shuttleless loom. It has the highest producing speed in the shuttleless loom area.



1. It normally suit for good water permeability material, and the fabric need to be dried after producing

2. The fabric width couldn’t be very wide

3.Only can equip with max 3 pcs of nozzle

For our Anytester Company, we offer many kinds of sample loom for your selection.


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