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Methods of Warping Processing (Part One)

Warping is the necessary process of preparation for the warp yarn in the weaving production. It transforms the warp package from a bobbin into a warp or weaving shaft, and the warped warp is used for sizing and threading. Anytester has developed AT241 series laboratory single yarn sample warping machines based on years of technical experience, which provide great convenience for sample making and quality control.

The main methods of warping processing are:

1. Batch Warping

Batch warping is the process of dividing the total number of warp yarns required for a full width fabric into several batches. Each batch of warp yarns is wound onto a single warp shaft by batch warping machine. All batches will form several warp shafts and then synthesized into a weaving shaft through a sizing machine or a combination machine.

This process is mainly used for cotton weaving, linen weaving, and other products that require sizing of single or primary color yarns, as well as products with simple warp arrangement. It has high production efficiency and is suitable for mass production.

2. Sectional Striped Warping

According to the arrangement cycle of colored yarn and the capacity of the creel, the total number of warp pieces required for the fabric is divided into several strips with pieces as equal as possible. And according to the width, length, arrangement, etc. required by the process, they are wound in parallel one by one on the large warping drum, and then all the strips are lifted and wound onto the weaving shaft.

Sectional striped warping is widely used in industries such as wool spinning, yarn-dyed spinning, and silk spinning, and is suitable for products with complex warp arrangement, small batches, and multiple varieties


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