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TOP 5 lab electrostatic spinning machine manufacturer




Elmarco is an industry-leading supplier of industrial-scale nanofiber production equipment.


Elmarco maintains its Nanospider™ product portfolio to provide effective solutions for roll-to-roll manufacturing of any scale, from laboratory sample preparation to industrial high volume manufacturing. As a result, Elmarco's customers can also easily upgrade their current nanofiber production to higher production levels.


Elmarco offers the Nanospider™ line as a complex production technology that includes a full range of inline and offline peripherals. Elmarco leverages its experience in numerous industrial scale installations to provide a complete turnkey solution service and acts as a reliable partner in nanofiber manufacturing.


Elmarco has been active in the electrospinning market since 2004 when it signed an exclusive license agreement with the Technical University of Liberec. 2006 Sold and delivered the first industrial line based on licensed Nanospider™ technology.


Elmarco has been focusing on Nanospider™ technology development, resulting in a portfolio of electrospinning equipment for four different grades of nanofiber manufacturing. A milestone came in 2010 with the introduction of its second-generation Nanospider™ technology.


Elmarco organized the N3M conference, the only platform at the time that brought together the electrospinning and nanofiber communities from academia and industry.


In 2008, Elmarco established a research and development center of 3000 square meters. Today, Elmarco leases outside manufacturing sites to keep up with growing market demands.


Nanolab Instruments (NLI) 



Nanolab Instruments (NLI) started out as a trading company offering a wide range of nanotechnology products, before changing its focus in 2015 to instruments for nanofiber production and service. Since then, NLI has developed its own products including basic to production scale electrospinning/electrospray systems, various components for DIY setups, nanofiber coating media and distribution of several nanofiber related consumer products.


NLI is a Malaysian-based manufacturer of electrospinning equipment and also offers a wide range of custom made equipment ranging from desktop starter kits in laboratory settings to industrial scale equipment, with nanofiber electrospinning machines available globally.





Doxa provides global companies and universities with a wide range of equipment and services that may help improve their research results or develop new innovative products. Over the past 15 years, Doxa has built up deep expertise and expertise in microfluidics, and the company has a team of experienced engineers with expertise and dedication.


Doxa coaxial electrospinning/electrospray technology or co-flow may lead to the formation of functional core-shell nanoparticles and nanofibers, which are critical for various industrial and research applications such as active substance microcapsules for controlled protection chemical/release, functional nanofiber-based membranes/sheets/filters, or novel nanocomposites for energy conservation/storage.


Nanoscience Instruments 



Combining expertise in microscopy and surface science instrumentation with practical solutions, Nanoscience Instruments works with innovative instrument manufacturers around the world to help scientists and engineers solve complex problems that lead to breakthrough innovations.


Nanoscience Instruments' diverse product portfolio includes several novel surface science and nanoscale microscopy solutions, including benchtop scanning electron microscopes, electrospinning equipment, quartz crystal microbalances with dissipation, contact angle meters and interfacial tension measurement instruments, Nanoparticle generators, cathodoluminescence detectors, SEM sample preparation and TEM, and TEM accessories such as cryoEM sample preparation, in situ sample holders and hybrid pixel detectors.





Anytester(Hefei) Co., Ltd. is a professional company focusing on the research, design and manufacture of laboratory equipment. With more than 40 years of history in the production of testing instruments, high quality testing instruments have been sold to more than 50 countries.


Anytester is a high-tech company that has been involved in drafting many Chinese standards to improve the quality of Chinese products. It is also a teaching and research base for many schools, always working to improve students' skills. So far, Anytester has obtained more than 60 patents such as electronic single yarn strength tester and Yarn Evenness Tester, which promotes the development of testing instrument industry in China.


Anytester has more than 10 years of experience in serving overseas markets. The products have passed CE, CNAS and other certifications, and some products have been supported by ISO, AATCC, JIS and so on.



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