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Chinese Traditional Mid Autumn Festival

August 15th of the lunar calendar is the traditional Mid Autumn Festival in China and the second largest traditional festival in China after the Spring Festival. August 15th is to be in the middle of autumn, so it is called the Mid Autumn Festival.

The Mid Autumn Festival originated from the worship of celestial phenomena and evolved from the worship of the moon on the autumn Eve in ancient times. Since ancient times, the Mid Autumn Festival has many folk customs, such as sacrificing the moon, appreciating the moon, eating moon cakes, watching lanterns, appreciating osmanthus flowers and drinking osmanthus wine. It has been handed down to this day and has lasted for a long time

Main customs of Mid Autumn Festival

Admire the full moon

The custom of appreciating the moon comes from sacrificing the moon, and serious sacrificing has become light entertainment. It is said that the moon is the closest to the earth on this night, and the moon is the largest, roundest and brightest, so it has been a custom to eat and enjoy the moon since ancient times. There is a long history of moon watching, but there is no historical record. The written record of moon watching custom dates back to the Wei and Jin Dynasties. In the Tang Dynasty, it was quite popular to enjoy and play with the moon in the Mid Autumn Festival. Many poets wrote poems about the moon in their famous poems


Eat moon cakes

Moon cakes are offerings to the moon god in the Mid Autumn Festival in ancient times. At first, moon cakes were used as offerings to the moon god. Later, people gradually regarded the Mid Autumn Festival as a symbol of family reunion. Moon cakes symbolize great reunion. People regard them as festival food and use them to sacrifice the moon and give gifts to relatives and friends. Eating moon cakes has become a necessary custom for people in North and South China to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. On this day, people eat moon cakes to show their "reunion."


Guess lantern riddles

On the full moon night of the Mid Autumn Festival, many lanterns are hung in public places. People gather together to guess the riddles written on the lanterns. Because it is a favorite activity of most young men and women, and love stories are also spread out in these activities, guessing lantern riddles during the Mid Autumn Festival has also been derived into a form of love between men and women


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