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How to use our AT407 model Plastic Film Strip Cutter

AT407 Plastic Film Strip Cutter is used to make sample strips for tensile test of BOPP, BOPC, BOPET, BOPA and other films.

The main feature of this machine is that the sample holder is fixed, and the rotary tool holder is used for sample cutting. It is safe and reliable. The sampling cut is very convenient. Compared with the punching and cutting method, the cutting edge of the machine is neat, so that the original mechanical properties of the film can be maintained. The streamline of the whole machine is designed, new and beautiful, and its technical performance index reaches the level of the imported product.

Instrument composition

The machine is mainly composed of the machine seat, the arc table, the rotating handle, the tool holder, the press roll and the spare box (in the side of the surface of the curved surface and the spare blade in the box). See Figure 1, figure 2, figure 3.


Figure 1 Plastic Film Strip Cutter


Figure 2 Spare parts box


Figure 3 Compose of blade holder

The blade holder is composed of a blade support, a blade handle, a separate block and a press blade block. See Figure

Use procedure

3.1 The machine cut spline number and width can be adjusted, factory state can cut 5mm wide spline 6 8mm wide, 12 spline, blade side chamfer, adjust the blade installation, such as the blade chamfering the cutter frame punching, punching blade, the blade can cut the specimen, can be realized 10mm or 13mm sample cutting width wide sample, operation methods according to the "4 replacement blade".

3.2  First, the thin film (multilayer thin film strip should be stacked flat together), the width is about 170mm, the shortest length 250mm, suitable for the length of 270mm.

3.3 Turn the handle, the blade will get to back, then pulled both sides roller into the groove of basic, put the film(which cut according to 3.1) to globoid, make the film smooth, first put one side into the groove, pull roller press the film, then tight the pressed side of film.

3.4 Also, press the other side and tight the film flat.

3.5 Carefully check the film is close to arc surface, without wrinkles or you can muster, from back to front (arrow direction) pulling the handle holder from a thin film on the shoot, knife to the front, in the "forbidden cutting", remember not to remove film before not back, otherwise it will damage the film just cut.

3.6 Pull up the roller and put it in the groove of the seat, and draw the film out of the two sides.

3.7 After the sample is taken out, the handle is rotated and the tool holder is placed on the back side. It is in the "sample cutting" state and is prepared for the next cutting.

3.8 cutting multilayer thin film, if it’s hard to cut, Please put less layers of thin film to avoid damage to the blade.

Replacement of the blade

When the cutting film edge is flawed, cannot meet technical requirement, remove the tool carrier, and check the blade carefully. If there is any defect on the blade, it should be replaced in time. The spare blade is placed in the spare part box.

4.1, put the blade rack in front, that is "forbidden to cut the sample" state. Loosen the blade holder and the side handle fixing screws, take off the tool carrier, examine the blade carefully, and see if there is any defect on the blade.

Unscrew the 4.2 screws on the knife block (see Figure 2), separates the block and remove the blade in order, damage the blade properly placed.

4.3 new blade and the separating block according to remove the order back to the bottom bracket and the knife stick (avoid blade bulge), the knife block is fixed, pressing the blade.

4.4 when the tool holder is installed, we must first check whether each blade is corresponding to the corresponding groove, whether the blade is protruded or not, to avoid the wrong position of the blade or to interfere with the groove.


1. In the cutting process, do not touch the curved surface and the film by hand, otherwise it may cause injury.

2. When the sample is cut, the handle is pulled from the back to the front, and it only need cut once. It is forbidden to repeatedly cut. After the cutting is completed, the blade rack is in front of the globoid surface. After taking off the sample, the blade rack should pull to the back of the globoid surface.

3. When the blade rack is installed and removed, please pull the blade rack to front of the surface of globoid, that is "forbidden to cut the sample" state.

4.The total thickness of the sample strip should not exceed 0.2mm, although the machine can complete the sample cutting of multilayer film once.


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