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Introduce of the warp yarn and weft yarn

In weaving, the yarn used in the radial direction is called warp yarn, and the yarn used in the weft direction is called weft yarn.

Difference between warp and weft:

1. Different twist

The warp yarn has a large strength, generally has a large twist, good elasticity, high strength, less hairiness, and is compact and solid.

The strength of weft yarn is lower than that the warp yarn, the twist is generally lower than that the warp yarn. The weft yarn is soft, evenness is uniform, and the appearance defects are less.

2. Different colors

Usually the warp yarn has the color of the pattern, while the weft yarn is white or plain.

3. Different density

The density refers to the warp and weft density of the fabric. The number of yarns arranged within 1 inch is the warp density. The fabric label similar to 60s * 40s refers to warp yarn * weft yarn, which means that the warp direction of the fabric is 60 yarns, while the weft direction is 40 yarns. The higher the density, the lower the shrinkage of the fabric.

The following are some common methods for judging the warp and weft direction of woven fabric.

1: warp and weft density

Most fabrics have more warp yarns per inch than weft yarns per inch, that is, the warp density is greater than the weft density, so the warp strength is better. This is because the tension applied to the cloth during the finishing process, during the wearing of the clothes, or during the hanging is large. At the same time, the warp density is greater than the weft density, and the weaving efficiency is relatively high.


2: Twist direction

Generally, when the twist directions of single yarn fabrics are different, the Z twist direction is the warp direction and the S twist direction is the weft direction.


3: twist

Warp yarns usually have a greater twist than weft yarns.


4: Yarn count

Usually the warp yarn is thin. If both have the long fiber yarn and machine spinning yarn, the long fiber yarn usually used as the warp yarn, which can reduce the friction force on the warp yarn during weaving and have relatively high strength.



Most fabrics have a large number of warp yarns per inch, so the weft yarns are interlaced more times, there are more curved wave shapes, and the elasticity is greater.


6: Sizing

Usually sizing is the direction of warp yarn, and non sizing is the direction of weft yarn.



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