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Introduce the way of yarn dyeing

Today we want to introduce two main ways of the yarn dyeing and recommend some suitable dyeing machine. The yarn is dyed before weaving. It is generally used for dyed fabrics, sweaters, etc. or directly used yarn (sewing thread, etc.). Yarn dyeing is the basis of dyeing and weaving.

Hank dyeingThe short fiber yarn or filament is converted into a frame as hank yarn on a spinning machine, and then dipped dyed in various dyeing machines.

Our AT292 Series HTHP Jet Hank yarn Dyeing Machine is suitable for bleaching, refining, dyeing, washing and post-treatment of hank yarn of polyester fiber, rust thread, silk and nylon yarns. With following functions.

1. Air pressurizing type

Bath ratio is adjusted according to the variety of yarn and dyeing process, or it can be selected by adjusting dyeing bath volume according to case may be. Greatly saving the energy source, water, steam.

2. Full filling type

This machine has chemical material system(mixer and chemical material barrel), pressurizing and material loading system(auxiliary pump), internal and external dyeing liquor circulation system(cooler). During dyeing process the fabric processing requirements can be met under room temperature and high pressure and high temperature and high pressure featuring wide application and good dyeing chrome and luminosity.

3. Dyeing machine automation

This machine is of automation to various extent to meet various requirement, with the automation. Range from simple control of temperature rising and lowering according to operator's clew to automatic control over loading vessel and dosage system operation with exception of yam inlet. Outlet and sampling dyeing vat.

4. Safety and convenience

This machine uses self-sealing of pot rim. Combination safety device of pneumatic pot rim locking and pneumatic pot cover opening and closing device, being of easy and reliable operation.


Bobbin dyeing : The short fiber yarn or filament is wound on the bobbin with holes (the winding density is required to be appropriate and uniform), and then it is placed on the dyeing column of the yarn machine on the dyeing machine and put into the bobbin dyeing machine. The main pump is used to make the dyeing liquid penetrate and circulate between the bobbin yarns or fibers, and the dyeing method is bobbin dyeing.

Our AT291B Lab Bobbin Yarn Dyeing Machine is mainly used to carry out the dyeing, scouring, blenching and washing of loose cotton, wool or chemical fiber and relative bobbin yarn. It is also suitable to dye fabric of small-lot. With follow fearures.

1. Parts contacting with dye liquor are made of anti-corrosion stainless steel.

2. Touch screen and PLC automatically control the whole procedure with high degree of automation.

3. Dye liquor circulating mode is controlled by anti-corrosion mixed-flow pump with flow-direction-changing device to circulate the dye liquor from inside to outside or from outside to inside.

4. O-type sealing ring of silicone rubber.

5. Main dyeing cylinder with level indication, safety interlock mechanism, stainless steel safety valve and manual cover; the manual cover with safety protection; if temperature in main cylinder is more than 85℃, the manual cover can be opened.

6. Compact structure and low liquor ratio.



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