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Introduction of the UL94 Flammability--Horizontal And Vertical Flammability Tester


UL94 has a total of twelve fire protection levels:

HB, V-0, V-1, V-2, 5VA, 5VB, VTM-0, VTM-1, VTM-2, HBF, HF1, HF2.

VTM-0, VTM-1, and VTM-2 are suitable for plastic films,

HBF, HF1, HF2 are suitable for foaming materials.

The level testing plan is as follows:

(1) HB-Niveau: Horizontal Burning Test

(2) Niveau V0-V2: Vertical Burning Test

(3) 5VA/5VB: 5V Level Brandtest 500W (125 mm)Vertical Burning Test

(4) RP Classe: Radiant Panel Flame Spread Test

(5) VTM0-VTM2: Thin Material Vertical Burning Test

(6) F1-HF2: Horizontal Burning Foamed Material Test

Detailed explanation of authentication methods:

1. UL94 HB: Horizontal combustion

This type of plastic can slowly burn but cannot self extinguish. This type is the lowest level of UL and is often used when vertical V0, V1, or V2 methods are not feasible.

This is the lowest flame retardant level and is suitable for general fields that do not require high fire safety requirements, such as office and household products. Its testing requirements include: for samples with a thickness of 3 to 13 millimeters, the combustion rate should be within 40 millimeters per minute; For samples with a thickness less than 3 millimeters, the combustion rate should be within 70 millimeters per minute; Or the fire source must be extinguished before reaching the mark at a distance of 100 millimeters.

2. UL94 V0, V1, V2, 5V: Vertical combustion

UL94 V0 evaluation method: The sample can quickly self extinguish after being ignited and move away from the flame to a point where there are no molten droplets burning within 10 seconds (that is, the burning molten droplets fall on a cotton pad located one foot below the test sample and cannot ignite the cotton).

This is the highest level of flame retardancy, representing the material's excellent flame retardant performance. According to the standard requirements, V-0 grade materials should not have a flame self extinguishing time of more than 10 seconds under the action of flames, and there should be no open flames dripping. This material is commonly used in fields that require extremely high fire safety requirements, such as electronics, automobiles, buildings, etc.

3. The UL94 V1 evaluation method is similar to V0, but it requires a longer self extinguishing time. This test allows the melt to drip onto the cotton pad, but cannot ignite the cotton.

As an intermediate level of flame retardancy, V-1 grade materials need to have a limit on the flame self extinguishing time, which should not exceed 30 seconds, and no open flames are allowed to drip. Compared to V-0 level, the latter requires the flame to extinguish within 10 seconds and no combustibles to fall.

4. UL94 V2 and V1 are the same, but it allows burning droplets to ignite cotton one foot below.

The flame retardant performance of this grade of material is relatively good, but certain conditions still need to be met. Specifically, it requires the sample to undergo two combustion tests for a total of 10 seconds before the flame can self extinguish within 60 seconds, and there may be combustion materials falling during the testing process.

5. UL94 5V is the strictest testing method, which involves the actual lifespan of plastic products in flames. The experiment requires a flame length of 5 minutes and five burns to be applied to the test sample, during which no molten droplets are allowed to fall, no obvious distortion of the test sample is allowed, and no holes that have been burned out are allowed.

According to the UL94 request, we would like to recommend our AT810 model Horizontal and Vertical Flammability Tester, it's an equipment used for grading and evaluating the combustibility of materials.

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