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Introduction to Warp Sizing Technology Part 2-Sizing Method

There are six main methods for sizing warp yarns.

1. Warp beam sizing:

The warp yarns on several warp beams are drawn out at the same time, immersed in slurry, pressed to remove the remaining liquid, dried, divided into yarns, and finally rolled into weaving beams according to the specified length. This is the most widely used sizing method.

2. Sizing the weaving beam

The weaving beam is made by the sectional warping machine, and then rolled into a weaving beam after being sized. This method is mostly used for multi-variety and small batch production of silk weaving and yarn-dyed weaving.

3.Pulping combination

Sizing and drying equipment is installed between the creel and the winding mechanism of the warping machine. Warping and sizing are one process, and are mostly used for sizing chemical fiber filaments.

4.Dye paste combination

Install dyeing and drying equipment in front of the sizing tank of the sizing machine, so that the sized yarns are first dyed, dried, and then sized and dyed together. Sizing is a process. It is mostly used for sizing warp yarns that need to be dyed, such as the color of weaving labor cloth. Sizing.

5. Single yarn sizing

The single yarn is withdrawn from the package, sized by the single yarn sizing machine, and then wound into a sized package. The single yarn sizing machine is installed with a sizing tank and drying mechanism on a low-speed winder. Although this method has low output and high labor consumption, the serous film quality is good and is sometimes used in silk and ramie weaving.

AT240 Series Single Yarn Sizing Machine

6. Sizing the hank yarn

There are two methods: manual and mechanical. Both methods are to soak the skein in slurry, wring it, fluff it up, and then dry it. This method is suitable for small batch production of yarn-dyed fabrics and ribbons.

Sizing Equipment

The machine used for warp beam sizing consists of four main parts:

1. Creel: Place a specified number of warp beams, and the number of drawn warp yarns is generally equal to the total number of fabric warp yarns.

2 Sizing tank: A container and accessory device for storing and heating (insulating) slurry. The warp yarns bypass the immersion roller to absorb the slurry, and then are squeezed between the sizing roller and the pressing roller with an elastic surface layer to make the slurry permeable. Put it into the yarn and press out the remaining sizing to obtain the specified sizing rate.

3. Drying chamber: a device for drying wet sized yarn, which is divided into three categories: drying cylinder type, hot air drying cylinder type and hot air drying cylinder combined type.

4. Head: including main drive, rear waxing device, yarn dividing rod, length measurement printing, telescopic reed, weaving beam winding, upper and lower shafts and other mechanisms. The main drive requires a wide stepless transmission range and a crawling speed (2-3 meters/min) to adapt to the requirement of dealing with defects without stopping.


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