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List of 2023 Leading Rapier Loom Manufacturers



Anytester (Hefei) Co. Ltd is a professional company specializing in researching, designing, manufacturing lab equipment which is simply called Anytester. With more than 40 years’ history of producing testing instrument, our high quality testing instruments has been sold to more than 50 countries.

Anytester is a high-tech corporation and participate in drafting many standards in China which are aim to improve the product quality in China. We are also teaching and research bases of many school, we are keeping devoted to improve student’s skills. So far, Anytester has acquired more than 60 patents which filled up the bank in China in this field, such as electronic single yarn strength tester, yarn evenness tester, Weatherometer etc. Also some of our research, such as yarn hairiness tester, yarn evenness tester got the support from national innovation fund support.

Anytester has more than ten-year experience of serving oversea market. To promote our products worldwide, some of our products have passed examine of CE, CNAS etc. Also some of our products are supported by ISO, AATCC, JIS etc.

Paramount Looms

Paramount Looms

Paramount Looms, established in 2012 in Surat, Gujarat, India, has gained recognition as a technically innovative and professionally managed power looms manufacturer. The company specializes in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting a range of durable and high-quality loom machines.

Paramount Looms offers various types of loom machines, including power shuttle loom machines, rapier loom machines, dobby loom machines, water jet loom machines, air jet loom machines, and electronic jacquard machines. These machines are manufactured using top-notch components and advanced technology, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Paramount Looms 1

The company follows a comprehensive program of inspection, verification, and testing to ensure that all its products meet the required performance standards throughout the production process. This commitment to quality control and continuous improvement has earned Paramount Looms a reputation for reliability and excellence.

Paramount Looms' professional approach and technical expertise have allowed it to establish a strong presence in the power looms manufacturing industry in India. The company's dedication to customer satisfaction, coupled with its focus on innovation and quality, has made it a preferred choice for customers seeking durable and efficient loom machines.

Amar Jacquard

Amar Jacquard

The company, AMAR, was founded in 1975 in Panipat and later relocated to Ludhiana in the 1990s. Its initial product offering was the Handloom Jacquard, which achieved great success in the 1980s. Building on this success, the company expanded its product line to include the Power Mechanical Jacquard.

Throughout its history, AMAR has maintained a strong focus on Jacquard Machines. In 2008, leveraging its extensive experience in the industry, the company introduced the first Electronic Jacquard in India. This marked a significant milestone for AMAR and further solidified its position as a pioneer in the field.

Amar Jacquard (2)

In 2015, AMAR made another breakthrough in the textile industry by introducing the Flexible Rapier Loom. This innovative product showcased the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

For the past 45 years, AMAR has been dedicated to serving the market with its high-quality products. Currently, the company's major manufacturing offerings include Electronic Jacquards and Rapier Looms. AMAR's continuous presence and success in the industry are a testament to its expertise, innovation, and commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to its customers.

Premier Looms

Premier Looms

Premier Looms is a leading provider of cutting-edge machinery & equipment for the textile industry. Benchmarking new standards for efficient textile production, we provide a wide range of textile machines such as TFOs, Two for One Twister for Spun and Filament, Servo Cops Winders, Rapier Looms, Auto Shuttle Change Looms, & Deluxe Looms, etc.



Globally recognized as a forerunner in weaving technology, SMIT is a manufacturer of weaving machines established in 1938 and renowned for its high standard levels of innovation, productivity and versatility, ensuring competitiveness throughout a large variety  of applications.

Smit is a SANTEX RIMAR GROUP company since 2016, one of the leading players  in the world market of textile machinery manufacturers for weaving, textile finishing, technical textiles, and green technologies for water treatment and drying processes.


Versatility for further upgrading at any time, flexibility with the widest range of fabrics, excellent fabric quality productions, low rate consumption, ease of use and maintenance are the main features of SMIT textile weaving machines.

Custom made self-retaining grippers, easy to adjust and stable while weaving, are engineered for a wide range of weft material and counts.


Textile & Garment Tester
Door & Window Hardware Tester




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