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Two models of our Pneumatic Heavy Duty Padder


AT274 Series Pneumatic Heavy Duty Padder is the padding mangle for all dyeing, printing, finishing and padding processes, widely used in dyeing and finishing plant and manufacturer of and dyes.

Nowadays customer has a high requirement on textile quality, not only the precise color but also the comfortable hand-feeling. You can use this padder to simulate the real production environment and get high repeatability sample. Also you can use this machine to develop more dyeing technology such as fireproofing, dust-resistant, oil-resistant, water-repellent, breathable etc. This padder is an ideal solution to cut down the waste of time and invest due bad dyeing technology.  It has vertical type and the horizontal type. Today we introduce the AT274B model Horizontal Pneumatic Heavy Duty Padder.

AT247B horizontal pneumatic electric small paddle/press dyeing resin machine, suitable for small batch, multi-variety fabric dyeing post-treatment effect, pad dyeing, resin processing and other process sample testing and quality inspection, to obtain the same rolling rate as production / Pressure suction rate, the working surface of the roll is 420mm, and the pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily within 0.03 ~ 0.6MPa (about 0.3kg/cm2 ~ 6kg/ cm2).


1. Material: The whole machine is made of high-quality mirror-finished SUS304 stainless steel sheet, which is sturdy and durable, strong in corrosion resistance and beautiful in appearance

2. Roll configuration

Material of the roller: Nitrile rubber is used;

Roll hardness:Shore 70℃

Roll width:420㎜ (other sizes can be customized on demand)

Roll diameter:¢130㎜

3. Cylinder:Large cross-section film cylinder, strong anti-rail friction, automatic reset after power failure, no left-right deviation, high reproducibility.5、Working speed:Frequency conversion speed regulation,0-18 rpm, the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily.

4. power:200W  

5. Voltage input:220V/50HZ.

6. runs:The roller is driven by a large-section film cylinder, powered by compressed air, and the pressure is controlled by a pressure regulating valve. The pressure on both sides is kept the same, which can effectively imitate the production process and make the sample process meet the production process requirements.

7. pressure absorption rate (PICK UP):When the roll hardness is 70 degrees Shore, the pressure absorption rate can be controlled between 25% and 110%. It is suitable for a wide range of cloth types, but once it is fixed, it will have a stable suction pressure rate. No need to waste time making adjustments every time.

8. Safety protection device: Safety baffle, panel emergency stop switch, hidden knee top emergency stop switch, once pressed, the motor will be automatically stopped, and the roll will be turned on for full protection.

9. Dimensions :Front 850㎜×Side 680㎜×Height 1100㎜

10. Weight:About 140㎏ (subject to actual weight)

【Other configuration】

■Dyeing tank, one with a capacity of 2000ML

■Pressure regulating valve, solenoid valve, embedded pressure gauge design, clean and beautiful appearance, not easy to damage;

■The flushing system is equipped with a light water gun, which is convenient

for cleaning the equipment before and after dyeing.

■Ergonomic design, the height of the equipment is easy to operate, the width of the equipment is moderate, the stability is good, and the floor space is saved.


1. please carefully unpack and carefully remove the device, placed in a horizontal plane, So as to avoid vibrations generated when equipment operation.

2. The power supply part is 220V, 50Hz need to add capacity of 5A and the open circuit with overload protection, air switch, reliable grounding, and note the following points:

Note: Knife switches, and other use is strictly prohibited without interrupter, overload and open circuit protection, power switch.

3. The required air supply part of the machine is not less than 6kg/cm2, before the test machine must be the pressure of the two cylinders to roughly the same, otherwise, the pressure will be a slow one will pull the guide block, thus affecting the normal equipment jobs.

4. he front roller of the machine is active, and the rear roller is driven. The rolling car is connected with an air compressor (referred to as: air compressor) or with an air pipeline. After the air source is connected, the front roller will run in the set direction when the power is turned on, and the rear roller will be slowly pushed by two cylinders to squeeze the front roller and rotate accordingly. Press the pressure relief button, and the roll will be reset.

5. connect the drain

6. According to the power line marks the correct power cord connection


1. air compressor (air pump or air pipeline) is connected with the small rolling mill,

2. According to the power line marks the correct power cord connection

3. Adjust roller pressure valve, so that the pressure is same in right and left,and meet process requirements.

Note: The pressure of each of the adjustments, please click plus (unloaded) press the button for more than three times to confirm that the correct pressure gauge instruction.

4. The color dyed sample sent to the work roll surface.

5. Using hand-touch switch, so that roller rotation.

6. You remove the sample with fingers when the roll return.

7. Each rolling finished, rinse roll surface.

8. Every time is exhausted, make electricity, gas, water shut down.

9. On a regular basis provides parts: (gearbox, chain and roller fabric Division, etc.) filling oil.

10. If a long-term non-use, need to use dust-proof material to cover.




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