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User Manual of AT225 Laboratory Melt Spinning Machine

Today we will introduce how to use our AT225 model Laboratory Melt Spinning Machine.


Safety Precautions:

Heat-resistant gloves: for avoiding scald maybe happening in touching the spinneret plate, the cylinder cover or flange whose temperature may reach up to 300℃. If required to dismount the cylinder cover or the spinneret plate on the condition of high temperature, better to wear the heat-resistant gloves for welder and wet gloves forbidden. If wet gloves are used, water in it becomes steam to scald the hand.

NOTE-during the rotation of the collecting drum, forbidden to touch the rotating part wearing gloves.

Goggles: for avoiding damage to eyes from the melt or potential foreign material.

Must wear goggles when operate the instrument while the door is open.


AT225 Laboratory Melt Spinning Machine is a main key equipment in synthetic fiber production. This machine uses high temperature copper sheathing to heat and melt the polymer sample, and extrude it to be liquid trickle through the spinneret plate on condition of inert gas N2 pressure. The liquid trickle is cooled and drawn to be the nascent fiber. The nascent fibers is winded onto the winding wheel.

2. Parameters



Pressure range

≤1.6Mpa (required air source≤13Mpa)

Max. temperature


Temperature accuracy


Temperature control mode

Three-section temperature controller, high precision of ±0.5℃

Feed cylinder

150ml, stainless steel, with soaking distribution device

Spinneret plate


Winding system

Rotary head

Motor-driven rotary head

Speed range

0~1400rpm, adjustable

Winding roller dia.

200mm (outer diameter)

Max. winding dia.

320mm (including winding roller)

Power supply

AC110V 50Hz, single-phase




Approx. 320kg



Fig.1-Whole Machine (Front View)


Fig.2-Gas Inlet/Outlet Port


Fig.3-Feed Cylinder in Protective Hood


Fig. 4-Illumination & Cooling Fan


Fig.5-Touch Screen Display

中文/EN: Click to switch display in Chinese or English.

Alarm-Set: Click to set some values; when any one is beyond the set range, the machine will send alarm.  


Fig. 6-Alarm-Set


●Prepare the N2 gas cylinder by the user himself;

●Connect the N2 gas cylinder with N2 gas inlet port by using the 3mm stainless steel gas pipe;

●Connect the waste gas outlet port with 6mm leather hose and extend the leather hose out of the window;

●Assembly the spinneret plate, distribution plate and filtering plate into the metal box as follow:



Fig.7-Assembly Metal Box

From bottom to top:

spinneret plate→copper cushion→Distribution plate→filtering plate→copper cushion

● Screw the assembly metal box up onto the feed cylinder from the bottom and tighten it by using the special span equipped with the machine ;

NOTE-The special span should be mounted onto the relative torque wrench.

● Loose the clamping flange, pour polymer material into the feed cylinder and then tighten the clamping flange;

● Open the valve of N2 gas cylinder and switch the exhaust switch on, so N2 gas can pass through the feed cylinder and exhaust through the waste gas outlet port;

● The gas source pressure of N2 gas is required to be not more than 16Mpa; and adjust the reducing valve to adjust the pressure in the feed cylinder;

NOTE-The pressure in the feed cylinder is required not to be more than 1.5Mpa.

● Click “First”, “Second” or “Third” on the screen and then dialog frame will pop up to set the temperature required;


Set: the temperature required;

      HiAL: Upper limit of temperature;

      LoAL: Lower limit of temperature;

                                                                                                                          Start: click it to confirm;

                                                                                                                          Stop: Click it to cancel;

NOTE-Usually the temperature required for spinning is 10~40℃ above the melt point of the material.

● After all temperature of three sections are set, press the “Heat on/off” button and then the machine begins to heat;

NOTE 1-Must fill the feed cylinder with N2 gas first and then press the “Heat on/off” button to heat.

2-Sometime only need to heat in the third section if there is small amount of material.●  Move the cylinder bottom cover to block the extruding hole of the spinneret plate;

● Observe the temperature of “Cal-T”, that is, the temperature of material in the feed cylinder, during heating until it reaches the required temperature value;

● When the temperature of “Cal-T” reaches the required value, wear the gloves and move the cylinder bottom cover away; at this moment, place the paper strip or the hand under the extruding hole of the spinneret plate to check whether there is gas blowing out through it. If yes, it means the polymer material is not melt, increase the temperature until it melt.

NOTE-If feel whether there is gas out through the extruding hole of spinneret plate by hand, must place the hand a little away from the spinneret plate in case of scald.l If there is no gas out through the extruding hole of spinneret plate, it means the polymer material is melt. At this moment, switch the exhaust valve off and set a winding speed;

● Wait until the material is extruded; when the material is extruded, draw the extruded material slowly by using a tweezers and wind it onto the winding roller;

● According to specific situation, turn on the illumination and the cooling fan and adjust the speed of cooling fan.

● When the material in the feed cylinder is not enough, N2 gas will pour out, which means the spinning is finished.

● At this moment, switch the exhaust valve on and set the winding speed to be 0;

● After the finish of spinning, it is not necessary to clean the assembly metal box and the feed cylinder. For the next spinning, just pour the new material into the feed cylinder and the new material will push the old material out;  

● If required to clean the assembly metal box and the feed cylinder, do it according to the following steps.

● When the feed cylinder is not cooled down, screw off the assembly metal box with the special spanner and the torque wrench and disassembly it;

NOTE-Be careful! The assembly metal box is hot in high temperature. When screw it off, please wear the heat-resistant gloves.

● Wait until the feed cylinder is cooled down, remove the clamping flange and the fixing screw nut for fixing the feed cylinder and then pull the feed cylinder out of the heating sheath from the top. If the feed cylinder can’t be pulled out from the top, hit the feed cylinder with the rubber hammer from the bottom.

● Finally place the metal box, spinneret plate, distribution plate, filter plate, copper cushion and the feed cylinder into a furnace or oven to calcine;

● After calcining, cool down and clean them with compressed air.

About our AT225 model melt spinning machine, if you have any question please feel free to contact us.


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