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Common Dyeing Equipment Processes and New Dyeing Techniques – Part 8

Common Dyeing Equipment Processes and New Dyeing Techniques – Part 8

Section 3 New Dyeing Technologies – part 2

D. New Electrochemical Dyeing Technology

Electrochemical dyeing technology is a novel dyeing method that uses electrochemical cathodic reduction instead of traditional sodium hydroxide reduction dyeing process.

Electrochemical reduction staining can be divided into direct reduction staining and indirect reduction staining.


1. Maintain the advantages of reducing dyes

2. The dyeing solution can be reused, saving 80% of chemical reagents and a large amount of water, reducing dyeing costs and also lowering the cost of wastewater treatment in dyeing plants.

E. New Technology of Biopigment Dyeing

Principle: Imitating the structure, distribution, and function of pigments (such as leaf green, anthocyanins, animal melanin, etc.) in living organisms for release staining will be a new ecological staining pathway.

F. A New Technology of Non auxiliary and Non washing Dyeing

Non auxiliary washing dyeing technology: Pure dispersed dyes are microencapsulated and then used to dye polyester fibers or fabrics.


1. Adopting microcapsule technology

2. Replace the auxiliary agents used in dyeing processes. After dyeing, there is very little color floating on the fiber surface. The dyeing bath effluent can be used for pre-treatment of general fabrics after simple filtration, and dyed fabrics can achieve good color fastness.

The technology of dyeing without additives and without washing can basically be implemented on existing high-temperature dyeing machines, with only an additional device installed on the existing dyeing machine, and the implementation cost is very low.

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