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Introduction of the Ring Spinning and the Rotor Spinning

Introduction of the Ring Spinning and the Rotor Spinning

(1) Working Principle

1. Ring spinning is a kind of mechanical spinning method, which is drawn by roller, twisted and wound by spindle, steel ring and steel ring.

2. Rotor spinning is a new spinning technology that uses air flow to condense and twist fibers in a spinning cup at high speed. It does not use spindles, but mainly depends on  combing rollers, spinning cups, false twisting devices and other components. 

The carding roller is used to  grasp and comb the sliver fiber fed. The grabbed fiber can be thrown out by the centrifugal force generated by its high-speed rotation. The spinning cup is a  small metal cup. Its rotation speed is more than 10 times higher than that of the combing roller. The resulting centrifugal effect exhausts the air in the cup; According to the principle of fluid pressure, the cotton fiber enters the air flow cup and forms a fiber flow, which moves continuously along the inner wall of the cup.1020

(2) Different yarn structure

1. The ring spinning yarn is compact and soft, which is suitable for underwear fabrics.

2. The rotor spinning fabric is fluffy and rough in style, which is suitable for making denim fabric. The rotor spinning yarn is generally thick.

(3) Different twisting methods

1. Ring spinning twisting is twisting with both ends grip,

2. Rotor spinning twisting is partial grip

(4)Different characteristics

1. Ring spun yarn has more hairiness than air spun yarn, higher strength and better quality.

2. The rotor spinning process is short, the protruding hairiness is less, especially the viscose fiber is more obvious, and the fiber on the yarn will not break, but many hairiness are wrapped around the fiber and wrapped on the yarn body, so the rotor spun yarn has less hairiness, the count and twist degree can not be very high, and the price is also low.

(5)Different requirements for raw materials

1. Ring spinning generally resultant yarn count higher, and the length of raw materials is generally required to be longer.

2. Rotor spinning is relatively resultant yarn count low, and use the short raw materials


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