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Wet spinning

If you want to know more about the Wet spinning, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the Wet spinning industry. More news about Wet spinning, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more Wet spinning information!
  • Kinematics of wet forming – Part 2: Spinneret stretching in the wet forming zone

    Spinneret stretching in the wet forming zone 1. Characters of the stretched state of the spinning line in the forming zone (1) Spinneret stretch rate: a(%)= (VL-VO)/VO*100(2) Spinneret stretch ratio: ia= VL/VO= a/100+1(3) Average Axial Velocity Gradient: (x)a= (VL-VO)/Xe In the above formula

  • Tprinciple of wet spinning process-Part 7 Affects solubility about structure

    Affects solubility about stucture(一)Infuence of macromolecular chain structure1. The stronger the intermolecular force,the less likely the polymer is to dissolve.The intermolecular force is t,If the solution can weaken the forces between the macromolecules,it will increase the solubility of the

  • Tprinciple of wet spinning process-Part 5 Dissolution of Polymer

    Dissolution of polymerCharacteristics and thermodynamic interpretation of the dissolution process(1)Characteristics of polymer dissolution processThe dissolution process of polymer is the process of polymer macromolecules under the action of solvent molecules, so that the interaction between macromo

  • Tprinciple of wet spinning process-Part 4 Defference Wet Spinning From Welt Spinning

    Spinning waysWelt spinningWet spinningCompositiong of spinning systemunitary(high polymer)Binary(dry)high polymer+soventbinary(wet)high polymer+sovent+sedimentSolidification process theoryHeat transrferHeat transfer、mass transfer、diffusion、 phase separation heat Spinning speedHundreds to thousands p

  • Tprinciple of wet spinning process-Part 3 Wet Spinning Process

    Wet spinning process The spinning solution by mixing、filtering and defoaming after spining preparing ,send to the spinning machine. After computing by spinning pump,passing by candle filter gooseneck goes into the spineret.Solution from spineret pores to coagulation fluid. The solvent in the solut

  • Tprinciple of wet spinning process-Part 2 Preparation of spinning solution and preparation before spinning

    Spinning solutions are prepared in two ways for solution spinning. One-step method:polymer is used to spin directly.It is why this is called one stop method.But it must use  homogeneous polymerization.Only wax nylon can be used in one step. Two-step method:First, the solution obtained by polymerization is separated into granular or powdery fiber forming polymer.After,The solution is dissolved into spinning solution.This method is called the two-step method.



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