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User Manual of AT235 Bench-top Wet Spinning Machine

Today we will introduce how to use our AT235 model Bench-top Laboratory Wet Spinning Machine.

1. Summary

AT235 Bench-top Wet Spinning Machine is special design for researching new material in the field of textile, macromolecule and other material. It consists of the solution tank, dosing pump, spinneret, coagulating bath, drawing roller, heating channel, drawing roller, setting channel, drawing roller and winding.




Solution tank


Temperature range of solution tank


Size and number of spinneret plates

100 holes, dia.:0.07mm 1pcs  

Size of coagulation bath


Temperature range of coagulation bath


Dosing pump flow rate


Dosing pump power


Dosing pump reducer


Size of drawing roller


Roller speed

3~150r/min, adjustable

Temperature range of heating channel


Temperature range of first setting bath


Temperature range of second setting bath


Winding Speed

3~150r/min, adjustable

Size of winding roll


Winding speed


Power supply

AC220V 50Hz, single-phase

3. Introduction

3.1 Structure

AT235 整机图

      Fig.1-Whole Line


Fig.2-Spinning and Coagualtion

                                                                    1-Solution tank

                                                                    2-On-off button of solenoid valve between solution tank and dosing pump

                                                                    3-Hand wheel

                                                                    4-Speed adjuster for dosing pump

                                                                    5-Temperature meter for solution tank   

                                                                    6-Temperature meter for dosing pump


                                                                    8-Dosing pump (inside the shell)

                                                                    9-Coagulating bath

                                                                   10-Filament-pressing wheel

                                                                   11-Filament-guding wheel

                                                                   12-Temperature meter for coagulating bath


Fig.3-Coagulation Bath (Top View)

                                                                                1-Temperature sensor


                                                                                3-Filament-pressing wheel

                                                                                4-Heating pipe


Fig.4-Drawing Rolls


Fig.5-Heating Channel


Fig.6-Winding Device

3.2 Instruction on Meter


Fig.7-Temperature Meter

Press “001002, and 003 key to change the SV value; if the SV value is higher than the PV value, the temperature meter will automatically send a signal to the heating pipes to heat. So the way to stop heating is to set SV value of temperature to be lower than PV value.


Fig.8-Speed Adjuster

Press “Jog” button and hold it, the drawing rolls will continuously rotate; if release it, the drawing rolls will stop rotate;

If the drawing rolls do not rotate, press “Run” button and then the drawing rolls rotate;

If the drawing rolls are rotating, press “Stop” button and then they stops rotating;

Press “005” button to increase the speed;

Press “006” button to increase the speed;

4. Working conditions

● Ambient temperature: 10℃-40℃ range;

●The relative humidity of 30% -80%;

● No vibration around, no corrosive media in the environment;

● On a solid basis;

● Work without strong magnetic field interference, no strong air convection around.

5. Installation and Attention

1) Place all parts of the instrument on a stable and level table in the sequence;

2) Adjust the position of all parts to make the filament move in a line;

3) Adjust the position of guiding wheel on each drawing rolls as below:


●Pull the metal bar for the guiding wheel and at the same time anti-clockwisely turn it until it loose with the nut; at this moment, the metal bar and nut can be moved up or down;

Note-Just loose the metal bar and do not unscrew it from the nut.

●Move the metal bar with nut to the appropriate position, pull it again and clockwisely turn it as the same time to tighten it;

●In this way to adjust the position of the guiding wheel.

5) Loose the Allen key of each filament pressing roller in the coagulation bath to lift the filament pressing rollers;

6) Pour the coagulating solution into the coagulation bath;

7) Open the cover of the solution tank;

8) Pour the spinning solution into the solution tank;

9) Fix the cover onto the solution tank;

10) Connect the gas inlet port onto a Nitrogen cylinder (prepared by the user himself); if required, connect the vacuum pump (prepared by the user himself) with the port for it on the cover of the solution tank to vacuumize the solution tank and remove air from the spinning solution;

11) Turn on all parts, set the required temperature on all temperature meter

12) When all temperatures reach the required value, set the rotation speed of relative drafting rollers and the winding rollers;

13) Close the vent port (port for vacuum pump) of solution tank and adjust the output pressure of Nitrogen cylinder to be 0.1~0.2Mpa;

14) Press on-off button to open the solenoid valve between the solution tank and the

doing pump, so than the spinning solution can flow from the solution tank into the dosing pump;

15) Adjust the rotation speed of dosing pump and then the dosing pump delivers the spinning solution to the spinneret;

16) Lower the spinneret into the coagulating solution and there will be air bubbles from the spinneret;

17) When air bubbles disappear, the spinning solution will passes through the spinneret to form some fine stream and the fine stream in the coagulating bath to form a filament;

18) Hold the filament by the tool or hand wearing protective gloves and then introduce it through the drafting rollers, heating bath, setting bath and finally to wind onto the winding roller.

About the wet spinning machine, if you have any question please feel free to contact us.


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