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AT207A Yarn Doubling And Twisting Machine

AT207A Doubling and Twisting Machine is a combination machine of winding ad twisting.
  • AT207A

  • Anytester


Product Description

AT207A doubling and twisting machine is part of the mini spinning system. It is a combination machine of winding ad twisting.


1. Using high quality alloy drums with optimized groove shape, which has the advantages of good anti-overlapping characteristics, light weight, good wear resistance, and static elimination.

2. Single winding motor control for each spindle, electronic fixed-length, and single spindle automatic stop while yarn breaking or fully filled.

3. High-speed creel with gas spring, which can keep constant winding pressure. This creel is stable and reliable.

4. Twist by independent regulation in 10-500 NC twist.

Technical Specification



Number of spindles

1 for winding

1 for double twisting

Mechanical speed

Up to1000m/min (depending on yarn quality and count) Down to 25m/min

Package bobbin

0°, 3°30’, 4°20’, 5°57’, 9°15′

Package diameter

Up toφ 290 mm

Package weight

Up to 3kg

Yarns / count

Cotton. flax, wool,

Power consumption

Installed power:100W/spindle,

Power consumption:65W/spindle

Auto stop while yarn break

With electronic yarn sensor, the spindle will stop when yarn break

Automatic length fixing

Automatic length fixing,max:999999m

Slow start

For smooth start and better winding quality,supporting individual slow start for each spindle

Power supply

220V , 50/60HZ, 1 phased