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AT851 CO2 Climate Chamber

AT851 CO2 Climate Chamber Simulate a specified environment by controlling illumination, CO2, temperature, humidity, cycle.
  • AT851

  • Anytester


Product Description

AT851 CO2 Climate Chamber Simulate a specified environment by controlling illumination, CO2, temperature, humidity, cycle. It is widely used in plant seed germination, cultivation and seedling raising, breeding of insects and small animals, culture of cells, tissues, and certain special microbes, test of wood and building materials.


★ Microcomputer automatic control, touch screen for operation, easy to operate;

★ Humidity supply with distilled water from external tank by self-priming pump;

★ Programmable control mode, has adjustable parameters for temperature, fan speed,light,time and summertime/wintertime;

★ Stainless steel inner liner, independent door frame lock device;

★ With 2 temperature sensor, each accuracy is 0.1℃;

★ For test in accordance with international conference on harmonization of technical, requirements for registration of pharmaceuticals for human use(ICH Q1B,option 2), an illumination unit with a light intensity of 8000 Lux should be available;

★ Fluorescence light with cold-white light(standard illuminant D65, 6500K)as well as UV radiation in the spectral range of about 315-400nm to serve as light source;

★ The daylight and UV-light output can be programmed individually via a controller;

★ Digital count-down timer with target time setting, adjustable from 1 minute to 99 days. the countdown timer should not start until the set temperature is reached;

★ Fan forced air circulation in working chamber adjustable from 10% to 100% in 10%;

★ Mechanical temperature limiter to switch off the heating at approximately 10℃ over-temperature;

★ Integrated temperature protection that gives off an alarm in case of over or under-temperature and cuts off power to the heater and compressor;

★ Integrated fault diagnostics for temperature and humidity control;

★ Air jacket heating system for gentle all-around heating and highly efficient automatic defrosting system;

★ Fully insulated stainless steel door with compression door lock that comes with 1 inner glass door and 2 internal stainless steel grids;

★ Double seal door structure, the outer magnetic door seal structure, the inner glass door and the cabinet adopts silicon seal, good sealing performance, avoid pollution and easy to observe.

Technical Specification



Temperature range


Temperature accuracy


Relative humidity                


Relative humidity accuracy  


Relative humidity resolution


Light intensity          


Wave length range of UV


Time range

1 min – 99 days  

Power Supply

AC220V±5% 50Hz

Work chamber dimensions


Instrument Weight