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HY1182 Non-combustibility Tester

HY1182 Non-combustibility Tester is For testing the fire performance/Non-combustibility of building materials.
  • HY1182

  • Anytester


Product Description

HY1182 Non-combustibility Tester is For testing the fire performance/Non-combustibility of building materials.


ISO 1182




★ Detecting and analyzing seldom-occurring yarn faults, and classifying yarn faults

★ Using microcomputer technology and thyristor technology to adjust the temperature of the furnace body through power 

★ The degree of automation is high, the temperature in the furnace, the center of the sample, and the surface of the sample are displayed and recorded during the test, and the operation prompt will automatically jump out of the test step.

★ The historical curve can be inquired, and the temperature balance can be automatically judged

★ The testing process is safe, reliable and easy to operate.  

★ Customized mold forming refractory hearth, good heat insulation performance

★  Using high-quality strip heater, the furnace temperature can be raised to 900 ℃

★  The PLC+NAbview professional software displays the furnace temperature, sample center temperature and sample surface temperature curve in real time, which can realize automatic control, data acquisition and processing, data storage and output measurement results.  

★ The top is equipped with an observation mirror, which is convenient for users to safely observe the combustion state of the sample in the furnace.

Technical Specification



Furnace body specification

 Φ40cm and 1.5m high.    

80/20 nickel-chromium resistance strip specifications

 thickness 0.2mm, width 3mm.

Specimen size


Heating furnace tube

 The inner diameter o75mm±1mm, the outer diameter is Φ90mm±1mm, the height is 150mm±1mm, and the power is about 2KW

Temperature stabilization time in the furnace

from room temperature to 750℃, it can be stable for about 1h


360-degree rotatable and liftable thermocouple scanning device

The heating source

Electric furnace preheated to 750±5 degrees, inside the furnace.

The temperature drift

 Does not exceed 2°C within 10min

Temperature measurement accuracy


 Heating power


Power heating voltage

 0~100 V adjustable

 Use environment


Power supply

AC220V±10%, 50Hz